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A Little About the Scots Dumpy:

Scots Dumpy Logo Scots Dumpies are a very ancient native breed of Scotland. Historical and archaeological evidence suggests that they existed 700 years ago. In the early 20th century they were known by many different names such as Creepies, Bakies and Daidies. The names themselves conjure up a charming picture.

In his native Scottish home, the Dumpy cock was used many years ago as a “Time” cock to inform his master the hour of day by his regular crowing – hence the name "Culich Chymie". At night, he was placed in some low hamper to keep him quiet, but his wives enjoyed more liberty roosting on the Baulke or Baulkies from which is derived another name for the Dumpy.

This beautiful bird has been seen in poultry exhibitions since 1852, but almost a hundred years later it was near to extinction (their general appearance and plumage is not as striking as many other breeds and a steep decline began to take place).

In the 1970s, a dedicated group of breeders in Scotland succeeded in getting the breed established once again. There are two different accounts of how this was done, but both accounts agree that the source of the birds was a Lady Violet Carnegie who had emigrated from Britain to Kenya in 1902 with a small flock of Dumpies as part of her dowry; one account suggests that eggs were imported in 1973 whilst the other is that in 1975, Michael Roberts at the Domestic Fowl Trust tried to find further stocks of Scots Dumpies in Scotland, knowing that the breed was scarce. He had no success, but he was fortunate to discover that Lady Carnegie had gone to Kenya and after extensive research he found that this flock was still in existence and arranged with her niece for the importation of 12 birds back into this country in 1977.

In recent years, the Scots Dumpy has become popular and thanks to a band of enthusiasts who appreciate this unique bird, it can now be seen in healthy numbers at many poultry shows throughout the country as well as being kept in small numbers in back gardens.

Many breeders keep Scots Dumpies for the pleasure of seeing their short-legged waddling gait, but they are truly a utility breed, good layers, very docile and with wonderful brooding abilities, also their short legs won’t scratch up your garden!

Main colours:

Large: Black, Cuckoo and White.

Bantam: Black, Cuckoo, White, Birchen, and Brown/Red.

Scots Dumpy Logo In 1993 an enthusiastic group of Scots Dumpy breeders decided to form their own breed club. Up until then, the Scots Dumpies had been under the auspices of the Rare Poultry Society. In 2018, the Club celebrated its twenty fifth year with a healthy membership of around 60 members. Although only a relatively small number show birds, at Club Shows held every year at the Scottish National, entries can exceed 30 birds.

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It is important to keep the enthusiasm for this beautiful breed going in England and Ireland, as well as encouraging and promoting a growing number of enquiries emerging from abroad.